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Article provided by: Joshi & Patel, LLC

Apartment Attacks attorney georgia

Apartment Attacks attorney georgia

PK Patel is a top apartment attacks attorney in Georgia, with over 11 years of experience in fighting apartment attack cases. At JP Attorneys, our lawyers specialize in helping clients claim damages for crimes at an apartment complex.

Why should I hire unsafe premises and property negligence attorney?

When you suffer personal injuries due to premise liability issues like rape, sexual assault, stabbing, assault, etc., hiring a lawyer may be your best bet at winning damages. To file an unsafe premise claim, it is important to hire an experienced attorney as most property owners will not accept responsibility, and you may not receive any damages unless you present strong evidence in support of your claim.

Furthermore, most property owners will defy your claim with arguments like 'your injury is not as serious or troubling as you claim.' Having an experienced attorney with you will make sure that your defendant and his/her insurance company take you seriously. Besides, an attorney will work hard to help you get a fair settlement, in the absence of which he/she may take your case to a trial. Lastly, an attorney may be able to gather strong evidence to prove the property owner's negligence and how it played a pivotal role in causing your injury.

Apartment attacks that require a premises liability lawyer

Most apartment owners try to avoid spending money on essential renovations for the safety of their tenants. Due to this, the apartment suffers from structural issues, serious maintenance problems, and security concerns. You could hire an apartment attorney if you sustained injuries from a sexual assault, rape, assault, and other criminal attacks. An attorney could hold the owners of the apartment liable for your injuries if they failed to warn the occupants about dangers like rape, assault, and other criminal acts. 

Some apartments have a history of crimes, and the management does nothing despite knowing about it. In such cases, an attorney can help you file a claim against the owners on account of their negligence. 

Benefits of hiring an apartment injury attorney

If you or your loved one endures personal injury in a rental apartment from incidents like rape, criminal assault, wrongful death, murder, due to the negligence of the owner, you can claim damages from the owner by filing a lawsuit. Hiring an attorney can considerably improve the chances of your winning, as an attorney will use his sources to gather strong evidence in support of your claim. Furthermore, an attorney may be skilled at negotiating the damages with your owner's insurer and can help you understand your rights as a tenant.

To get in touch with a successful condo liability lawyer, call JP Attorneys today. PK Patel is a leading apartment attacks attorney in Georgia, with a thorough understanding of the state's premise liability laws and tenant rights. Working with a contingency fee lawyer for apartment and condo injuries can help your case considerably and improve your chances of winning a handsome amount of damages.

Apartment Attacks attorney georgia
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